Why We Formed Aither Health

We are very passionate about self-funding.
We know the healthcare delivery system is a disaster; Nothing will change if the industry continues to perpetuate the current fee for service environment.
We are visionaries and innovators who want to help employers mitigate their health care trend.
We want to positively disrupt the status quo within our sphere of influence.
We want to support other innovative organizations who are creating positive disruption.
We believe in Direct Primary Care and want to promote and support the model throughout the country.
We believe it’s imperative to be independent to eliminate conflicts of interest with a parent company or investors.
We want our company to be successful and profitable but not at the expense of our client partners.
We want to be 100% transparent with our client partners’ plan assets. Wouldn’t you love to know how every penny is spent?

Birth of our Brand

A look behind the scenes at the creation of our Aither Health brand.

The Name

We knew we wanted our brand to represent transparency. We googled – God of Transparency – and that simple search led us to Aither - we preferred the transliteration spelling. Aither – we liked the word – unique, short and sweet. Then we toyed with Aither Administrators vs. Aither Health, well you know which won.

Correct Pronunciation

The Colors

When we researched Aither it described the clear BLUE hue surrounding the Earth - it so happens blue and white are the colors that represent transparency. Next, we worked on selecting "our" blue - we chose Azure Blue because Azure's definition is: bright blue in color like a cloudless sky - again another nice fit. Azure Blue's hex number is #007FFF – and after all, we are the 007 of TPAs! Our main colors are blue and white.

ah! Comes to Life

We were working on our favicon – started talking about using the “A” in our Aither wordmark – then we happened to discover one of our competitors used an “A” as their favicon not to mention throughout their marketing materials. Ugh, depression and despair ensued. Did we have to scrap everything and start over ... nah ... what if we used “AH” – and our little ah! buttons came to life. Everyone started to say, “ah! so refreshing" and “ah! finally a real solution". We soon realized the creative things we could do with our little ah!s.

The Font

ah! yes, the font - we selected Ubuntu. Aside from the font pairing nicely with our Aither wordmark, Ubuntu comes from the open source code movement in the software industry. Open source allows developers to view how the operating system is written. Yes, you got it, it's “transparent”. Developers can view the source code and raise awareness on any security flaws but more importantly, they can contribute towards making it better. We love how it aligns with many of our fundamental philosophies.

"Being Aither"

We started talking culture and brand - we started asking, “What does being ‘Aither’ mean?” Now we can’t stop saying it: "Are you being Aither?", "Awesome, you're being Aither!", "Be Aither!" - We’re predicting some fun times with our Aither Army of associates!

What's Next

We’ll continue to mature our brand and weave it into the fabric of our culture.


Our founding team built Aither to provide an innovative, transparent and truly independent solution to serve their client partners.


Laura M. Hirsch

Cofounder & co-CEO

“’Being Aither’ means being passionate and relentless in our pursuit to deliver innovative cost saving solutions while always doing what’s right for our client partners.”


Lisa M. True

Cofounder & co-CEO

“’Being Aither’ means waking up every day and attacking the health care cost crisis.”

Our Solutions

Plan Management

  • Customized Plan Designs
  • Point Solutions
  • Cross-Functional Service Teams
  • Cost & Trend Management
  • Integrated Medical Management
  • Stoploss Management

Direct Primary Care Integration

  • Customized Plan Designs
  • Integration Between TPA & DPC
  • Cost & Trend Management
  • Better Health Outcomes
  • Lower Costs
  • Enhanced Patient Experience

Business Process Outsourcing Private Labeled Solutions

  • Claims Administration
  • Traditional Customer Service
  • Concierge Services
  • Cost & Trend Management
  • Enrollment
  • Premium Billing

We Subscribe to an Information
"Open Source" Methodology

Please reach out. We love hearing from people. We love sharing everything we know. We subscribe to an information ‘open source’ methodology. Meaning.. we will listen, we will share and we will help in any way we can. That’s what “being Aither” is.