Aither Health, a new healthcare solutions company and third party-administrator intends to disrupt the status quo by putting the physician back in charge of health care

Innovative, transparent and completely independent, Aither Health launched to help risk bearing entities manage the cost of the healthcare delivery system.

Dallas, TX, July 15, 2019 – Cofounders, Laura Hirsch and Lisa True announced today they have launched a new healthcare solutions company, Aither Health (Aither). Aither offers a full suite of innovative products and services for third-party administrators and risk bearing entities such as self-funded employers, health plans and providers.

True said, “It’s no secret the cost of healthcare is on an unsustainable path and employers and their employees are looking for solutions. Everyone is trying to solve the national healthcare cost crisis. In our 30+ years, we have not experienced a time as innovative as now.” Hirsch said, “We see unique solutions being developed and implemented throughout the country and we want to help champion the effective ones. For example, we love Direct Primary Care and have integrated the model into our customized plans.” “Just like we’ve done repeatedly in our past, we plan to be early adopters and help create positive disruption,” added True.

Even though July 4th has passed, True and Hirsch are “declaring their independence” in order to help disrupt the status quo. True said, “We’ve turned down investments from private equity firms in order to remain completely independent. Today, independence is extremely important. Often companies are unable to do the “right” thing if they are only motivated by the bottom line or are focused on positioning the company for an exit event.” From day one, Aither is embracing the value of true transparency and intends to monitor and disclose how all plan assets are spent.

In their more than 30 years in the self-funded industry, cofounders, Hirsch and True helped grow multiple companies and have led successful turn-arounds. Hirsch was previously President and True previously COO of Nova Healthcare Administrators in Buffalo, NY. Under Hirsch and True’s leadership, Nova’s revenue grew to $21 million which created at least 150 jobs in Western New York.

Aither is launching its products and services for the 2020 plan year and already has several committed clients.

About Aither Health

Aither is a healthcare solutions company offering a full suite of innovative products and services. Aither provides support for third-party administrators and risk bearing entities such as self-funded employers, health plans and providers. Aither’s self-funded solution aims to mitigate healthcare trend by putting the primary care physician at the center of the program design. Aither partners with the physicians becoming allies instead of adversaries. The comprehensive plan design is intended to promote and support the physician/patient relationship. This approach improves health outcomes and lowers overall health care costs. Aither is an independent company that embraces the value of true transparency and monitors and discloses how all plan assets are spent. In addition to supporting self-funded plans, in its mission to disrupt the healthcare system, Aither provides private labeled business processing outsourcing solutions (BPO) for other innovative and disruptive companies and payers.

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